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Noteworthy Facts about Collision Involving Several Vehicles

Frequently, drivers refer to such multi-car accidents as a pile-up.  Whatever name gets used for such an event, that same event has been linked to some specific features. Conditions that
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How Defective Tires Might Endanger Driver and Car’s Occupants?

Some of the defective parts that are found on automobiles can cause serious injury. True, it does not require the presence of 4 defective tires to produce a decided risk.
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How to Determine Who Is Responsible for a Car Accident?

An injured victim that has filed a personal injury claim does not have to present a perfect argument. He or she only has to put together a reasonable argument, one
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Guidelines for Negotiating with Insurance Company

Once the injured victim of an accident has filed an injury claim, he or she should expect to get a call from the insurance adjuster. Claimants that are prepared for
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What Exactly is “Pain and Suffering” in a Personal Injury Case?

According to personal injury law, “pain and suffering” is a specific type of damages that the injury victim or plaintiff can seek compensation for.  The at-fault party that caused the
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How Much Compensation Can I Expect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

You may be wondering how much compensation you can expect to receive in a motor vehicle accident settlement.  Unfortunately, there’s no exact science or formula for determining this with absolute
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Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney if I’ve Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Compared to other states, Florida has one of the highest motorcycle fatality rates in the US.  Unfortunately, even the most responsible motorcyclist can get injured in these types of accidents. 
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5 Reasons a Personal Injury Attorney May Refuse to Represent You

In most cases, when a personal injury attorney refuses to represent you, it has nothing to do with the client personally.  He or she may have ethical conflicts that prevent
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Understanding Florida’s Product Liability Laws

Whenever we purchase an appliance, food, a vehicle, or any other consumer product, we expect and trust that it will be safe for us to use.  Unfortunately, defective products often
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Slip and Fall Accidents While on the Job

Whether you’re a nurse, a teacher, or work construction, Worker’s Compensation may be your only source of monetary recovery if you suffer injury by slipping and falling while on the
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