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What to Do If You Were Hit By a Truck

18 wheelers are very dangerous. They can get into accidents easily and cause numerous injuries and deaths. If you are ever hurt or sustain property damage because of an accident with a truck, you need to know what you will need to do to win a personal injury case....


Can Bicyclists Ever Be Held Responsible for A Traffic Accident?

Yes, since bicyclists follow the same rules and laws as other motorists. Bicyclists are usually not eager to see other motorists on the streets and highways, even in big cities and metros. Bicyclists may be different, but… Okay, so bicyclists may be different but...


Can The VA Stop or Reduce Disability Benefits?

You may be having protected rate benefits if you’ve served in the armed forces. Rest assured that your benefit rates are protected even if you are required to appear for a medical reexamination. This means that it will be very difficult for the VA to reduce or even...


What Are Your Legal Rights After You Are Hurt at Work?

Florida requires employers to keep their workers safe while working. Some employers may at times breach this requirement - workers are injured as a result. Workplace injuries can occur even when employers have taken every step necessary to keep their workplaces as...


What are the 4 Elements of a Personal Injury Case?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by another individual’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for damages under Florida personal injury law.  In a case based on negligence, the plaintiff (injury victim) must establish that the...


What Happens When Injury Victims Die Before Finalizing Their Lawsuit?

Sadly, some injury victims pass away from catastrophic injuries before a decision has been reached in their personal injury lawsuit.  So what happens then? Can the surviving family members take over and finish the case? According to Florida law, some rules apply to...


5 Reasons Why Personal Injury Lawyers Refuse to Take Cases

Personal injury lawyers decline legal representation for numerous reasons, most of which have nothing to do with the person they’re consulting with.  They may feel that taking your case doesn’t make any sense financially, that representing you may create a conflict...


How do Compensatory Damages Differ from Punitive Damages?

In personal injury lawsuits, victims are often entitled to monetary compensation for several types of “damages” or what a person’s injuries have cost them emotionally, financially, and physically.  However, understanding how these damages differ can often be...

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