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Can You Sue If You Were Hurt Because A Building Was Constructed Badly?

Buildings are great but only if they were constructed properly. Any lawyer will tell you that a poorly constructed building can cause you extensive bodily injury. For example, you can break a bone in your arm if you were to slip and fall on a poorly constructed staircase. You can file a negligent construction lawsuit against whoever owns the building. Though rare, it’s not unheard of for a 30-floor office building to collapse within six months of opening. The parties who constructed the building would be facing hefty and ruinous lawsuits from those who were injured in the collapse and their families. Anyone who died in the collapse would have family members and loved ones will file lawsuits on their behalf. Parties who would be sued would include the building owner, the general contractor, the architects and engineers, subcontractors, and more. The owner may have to pay at least $50 million in damages. He or she would then sue every party who built the building. The tenants would have to recover damages from lost and damaged equipment, files, and other property that was in the building. They would sue the building owner. Owners of surrounding buildings would sue the building owner for any damage that the building collapsing caused their buildings. A building that collapses can trigger many lawsuits from diverse people and parties. There are two main types of bad construction that tend to trigger lawsuits:
  • Bad construction that damaged property
  • Bad construction that resulted in personal injuries
Negligent Construction Lawsuits For Property Damage Construction projects tend to take place only when many contracts are in place. These contracts name every party involved, their tasks in terms of construction, and their responsibilities in terms of the construction project. Therefore, contract law tends to define who’s responsible for different tasks and aspects of the building. Since professionals work on construction projects, they’re held to a certain ‘standard of care.’ These professionals can be held legally responsible when they don’t do their part in a certain construction project the right way. Parties will be asked and should consider the following questions when being held accountable for negligent construction:
  • Do the contracts indemnify the parties or assign liability to the responsible parties?
  • Who would a common man sue for the particular defect?
  • How much would it cost to fix the defect?
  • How much would the finished building be worth with the defect?
  • Did a botched plan or bad construction cause the defect?
  • Does the defect create any safety hazards?
Negligent Construction Lawsuits for Personal Injuries Construction work is hard and dangerous. Workers and people can and do die from doing dangerous tasks at high heights or by using heavy machinery. More people get hurt in the construction industry than in any other industry. People who sustain personal injuries on construction sites should ask themselves the following questions:
  • Can they get workers comp?
  • Who was in charge of safety at the construction site?
  • Were any industry standards ignored or violated?
  • Was the injury sudden or gradual?
  • Did the person who got the personal injury report it to the boss?
  • Did the employer provide adequate safety equipment?
  • Did the workers use the safety equipment?
  • Did the employer train the workers regarding using the safety equipment?
  • Have other workers sustained the same or similar injuries?
Remedies For Personal Injuries People who are involved in a personal injury accident are entitled to the following remedies:
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Inability to do things
Negligent construction is diverse and involves many different types of laws. If you are ever involved in a personal injury because of negligent construction you should consult with a personal injury lawyer at Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group. We are here for your assistance. Call us today at (772) 569-8155.

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