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Why Do You Need a Lawyer When Filing A Workers’ Comp Case?

You may need a lawyer when filing a worker’s comp case. It just depends on many factors though. You’ll file a worker’s comp case if you’ve ever gotten hurt or sick while working. You will, however, need a lawyer if you were seriously hurt or got extremely sick while working and your employer is telling you that this was not his/her fault.

Represent yourself

That said, you probably shouldn’t. You can represent yourself and get workers’ comp benefits only if the following apply:

  • You have a minor injury
  • You have hardly missed any work
  • Your employer admits that you got sick or hurt while working.
  • You don’t have a pre-existing condition or illness.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

All things being equal, you’re better off hiring a lawyer no matter how well you know him or her and get along with him or her and no matter how minor your injuries are. He or she will guide you about the realities of your case during the free initial consultation. You may learn that representing yourself wouldn’t have worked because your case was more complex than you thought it was.

You should definitely hire a good lawyer if your worker’s comp case is complex. Conditions that would make this true include:

  • Your employer doesn’t think that you got sick or ill while working and denies your claim
  • You didn’t get compensation for lost income or medical bills in your settlement offer
  • You’ve been permanently disabled and are no longer able to work in the same capacity
  • You get or will get social security benefits
  • A third party or co-worker caused your accident or illness
  • You think that you were penalized or treated unfairly at work because you filed a workers’ comp claim.

Hire Lawyers to Get Worker’s Comp Benefits

It’s not uncommon for employers and their workers’ comp insurance companies to either deny workers’ comp claims or underpay them. Many injured or sick workers find that a workers’ comp lawyer can help them get the compensation that they want and need.

About 39% of people hired a lawyer because they felt intimidated either by their employer or by the entire process of filing a worker’s comp claim. 46% of people said that they hired a lawyer because they thought their claims had been denied. In reality, their claims had not yet been entered into the system.

Other workers who had been hurt on the job hired lawyers for various other reasons. These included the nature of their injuries, how many people their employers hired, how long they had been working with their employers, and their age.

How A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help You?

Workers comp lawyers do the following for their clients:

  • File all pertinent forms by the deadline
  • Communicate with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Gather any medical evidence that would support your claim or case
  • Get you the fairest settlement possible
  • Protect your rights by writing a settlement agreement
  • Represent you at hearings when needed

Workers’ comp lawyers tend to charge you a percentage of your settlement. That means that they get paid only if you win.

You should hire a worker’s comp lawyer if your claim or case is complex. This will increase the odds of you winning the case. Contact Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group today at (772) 569-8155 and learn more about how we can help.

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