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Graves Thomas Drives To Provide A Healthy Start

Graves Thomas Drives To Provide A Healthy Start

Graves Thomas Injury Law Group knows the importance of community, and what better way to show their support than to help provide for the newest members of our county.

“We are thrilled to have the support of partners like Graves Thomas Injury Law Group to give back to mommies and babies of Indian River County,” said Healthy Start Coalition Executive Director,  Andrea Berry.

Founding attorney Joseph H. Graves, partner Matthew M. Thomas and attorney Christopher Rotunda stopped by the non-profit’s new offices to deliver diapers, pull-ups and home safety elements like electrical plug covers and cabinet locks.

“In a practice that has seen injuries sustained from household issues like outlets or getting into medicine cabinets, we recognize the importance of safety measures for families,”  commented Graves, “By providing those little safety tools and helping supply items Healthy Start specified, we aim to truly help provide a healthy start for our area families.”

“Our families have shared the need for basic items like diapers, whether newborn or pull-ups for toddlers,” said Berry. “This  donation helps meet that need.”

Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition offers a broad spectrum of programs to ensure that every pregnant woman and their young children receive all necessary healthcare and support services, from prenatal resources, childbirth education and touchpoints in the first years. Healthy Start oversees a variety of classes and support roles that impact over 91% of the families in the county and endeavor to decrease infant mortality, increase familial connections while expanding a child’s horizons.

Headquartered in Vero Beach, Graves Thomas Injury Law Group spans the Treasure and Space Coast and is dedicated to representing individuals and family members impacted by a serious injury, illness or disability. For more information about Graves Thomas Injury Law Group, visit or call 772.569.8155.

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