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Long Term Work-Related Illness Claims

Many people think of sudden accidents in the workplace as one of the most common ways to get hurt on the job. However, employees can often suffer injuries in a variety of ways. Poor workplace conditions can also contribute to long-term occupational illness. These illnesses may develop gradually over time, which makes it even more difficult to recognize symptoms. An occupational disease is any medical condition that causes a disabling condition, whether it’s because of work duties or exposure to irritants in the workplace.

An occupational injury can happen due to various reasons, as here is a list of work-related diseases:

Chronic and Acute Exposures

Chronic or acute exposures to dangerous chemicals or substances can lead to serious health issues. Many construction workers, electricians, and plumbers were exposed to asbestos while working on older buildings. Numerous types of cancer can be traced to asbestos exposure, as it remains near the top of the list for long latency illness claims.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing loss due to working near loud noises is an all too common problem for many people. A lack of proper safety equipment is one of the main reasons for noise-induced hearing loss. Over time, workers can eventually lose their hearing due to constant exposure to loud noises, which negatively impacts their quality of life.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most people associate an occupational injury with anyone that works in a blue-collar job. However, injuries can also happen in an office environment. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an all too common issue for workers who don’t have access to an adequate keyboard or proper office furniture. Common symptoms include a tingling or numbness in your hand due to nerve compression.

Exposure to Toxic Fumes

Toxic fumes in the workplace are a major problem in a variety of industries. These toxic fumes can eventually result in occupational lung disease and numerous other health conditions. The inhalation of welding fumes or paint for any length of time is always dangerous for workers.

Back Injuries

Back injuries often happen with warehouse and construction workers. Not teaching proper lifting methods can result in significant back problems and other injuries. Performing repetitive tasks each day can further aggravate these problems and make it impossible for the body to heal.

Heart Attack and Stroke

Dealing with stress in the workplace is a major issue for workers in every industry. Trying to meet deadlines or putting in extra hours of work can cause a lot of stress on the body. Long-term stress can lead to mean prolonged latency diseases. A heart attack or a stroke can often result from an excessive amount of stress on the job.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome occurs if 20% or more workers within a building become ill. The primary key to qualifying for this occupational illness is if the symptoms decrease if workers aren’t in the building. Sick building syndrome is often an occupational lung disease, as workers may have difficulty breathing. Mold and other unhealthy conditions can result in serious side effects, such as fatigue, itching eyes, or dizziness.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Assembly line workers often perform the same job functions over and over daily. These repetitive movements can eventually result in an occupational injury. Contacting a law firm is a great way to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for dealing with these injuries.

How to Handle Long Latency Occupational Diseases?

Dealing with an occupational illness or injury is a common problem for many workers. Reaching out to a legal firm specializing in worker’s compensation is essential in helping you gain the compensation you deserve. These legal professionals will research your situation, as long-latency diseases and injuries are a significant issue for many people.

Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group has years of experience helping clients receive worker compensation due to an occupational disease or injury. Our goal is to help you obtain your full compensation, and our team members are always available to answer your legal questions. Feel free to reach out to Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group today for a no-cost consultation about occupational and work-related diseases.

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