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Overview of Dog Bite Laws in Florida

Although we value our 4-legged furry friends as lifelong companions, their behavior will occasionally result in biting injuries with significant consequences for the victim.  When unexpected injuries occur, victims need
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What is Vicarious Liability in Personal Injury Law?

Vicarious liability refers to a situation wherein one party is partly liable or responsible for the unlawful behavior or conduct of a 3rd party which also is responsible for their share
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When Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Were you injured in an accident with a truck driver? Did you know that you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries that you may have sustained? Due to
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Why Do You Need a Lawyer When Filing A Workers’ Comp Case?

You may need a lawyer when filing a worker’s comp case. It just depends on many factors though. You’ll file a worker’s comp case if you’ve ever gotten hurt or
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What You Can Do If You Haven’t Been Able To Get Social Security Benefits

You can apply for social security benefits but there is a good chance that your application will be denied. More than half of social security applications are. Timing is an
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Can You Sue If You Were Hurt Because A Building Was Constructed Badly?

Buildings are great but only if they were constructed properly. Any lawyer will tell you that a poorly constructed building can cause you extensive bodily injury. For example, you can
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What to Do If You Were Hit By a Truck

18 wheelers are very dangerous. They can get into accidents easily and cause numerous injuries and deaths. If you are ever hurt or sustain property damage because of an accident
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Can Bicyclists Ever Be Held Responsible for A Traffic Accident?

Yes, since bicyclists follow the same rules and laws as other motorists. Bicyclists are usually not eager to see other motorists on the streets and highways, even in big cities
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Can The VA Stop or Reduce Disability Benefits?

You may be having protected rate benefits if you’ve served in the armed forces. Rest assured that your benefit rates are protected even if you are required to appear for
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What Are Your Legal Rights After You Are Hurt at Work?

Florida requires employers to keep their workers safe while working. Some employers may at times breach this requirement – workers are injured as a result. Workplace injuries can occur even
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