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COVID-19 Florida Reopening Update

Most of Florida will slowly start to reopen next week after COVID-19 struck the state in March, paralyzing businesses, putting millions out of work and killing more than 1,000 people. Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday laid out the first phase to reopen Florida, which...

Florida Reopening Announcements

If You Are a Witness in a Vero Beach Car Accident

Most of us hope that we'll never witness a car accident. From time to time, though, accidents do occur. If you're among the first people on the scene, you may want to stop and help. While you're under no legal obligation to do so, you might feel a moral obligation....

Vero Beach Car Accident

Business and Contract Disputes Related to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on businesses of all kinds. Many organizations find themselves struggling, for various reasons, to fulfill their contractual obligations. In some situations, it may be impossible to fulfill a contract, while in...

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How do I pick a personal injury attorney?

You’re in your car and no fault of your own, you’re in an accident.  Your car is damaged. You don’t feel exactly right. Maybe the airbag has gone off and you’re disoriented.  It’s a nightmare scenario people find themselves in every day. The fear of medical bills,...

How do I pick a personal injury attorney
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Graves Thomas Car Accident Claim Tips

Facebook LinkedIn Call us Today 772.569.8155 Graves Thomas Car Accident Claim Tips One of the most frustrating issues that people face after being involved in a car accident is dealing with an insurance company regarding their property damage claims.  Insurance...

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