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Whether you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, on the job, or you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury such as spinal cord damage or a traumatic brain injury, you need to ensure that your rights will be protected when filing a claim for damages.  Although there are numerous personal injury lawyers in Florida, Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group represents the most extensive range of cases in Okeechobee and other nearby communities.  We have years of trial experience and will fight to get the insurance companies to compensate you for your financial losses as well as your pain and suffering.

The Cost of Recovery after Suffering an Okeechobee Personal Injury

Recovering from injuries sustained in an accident is not only emotionally and physically stressful, it can be financially devastating as well, especially when the medical bills keep piling up over time.  Although auto and healthcare insurance can help with some of the financial issues, it won’t alleviate your financial strain entirely.  Furthermore, many other expenses aren’t covered.  Hiring an Okeechobee personal injury lawyer will enable you to manage those large expenses and the smaller ones as well.

Medical expenses are the primary cost of recovering from any type of accident.  You may have to go to the ER for your injuries.  Depending on the nature and extent of your injuries, you may have to see different physicians and specialists.  No matter what type of follow-up care is needed during your recovery, you’ll be charged for diagnosis, imaging, supplies, and of course, the doctor’s time.  The bottom line is that medical expenses add up quickly and can place a huge financial strain on you.  That’s why you need a lawyer from the Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group to represent your case.

Who Can You Turn To?

If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained any type of injury, you should seek medical attention immediately.  As soon as you’re able to, you should consult with an Okeechobee auto accident lawyer and let them evaluate your case before filing a claim against the at-fault party.  If you injure yourself slipping and falling on commercial or residential property, an Okeechobee slip and fall lawyer will hold the negligent property owner responsible.  On the other hand, if you suffer an injury on the job, an Okeechobee workers compensation lawyer would represent you.

Injury Victims Recover More When Hiring an Okeechobee Injury Lawyer

According to an Insurance Research Council study, injury victims who hire a personal injury lawyer have a greater chance of recovering more compensation from the at-fault party than if they represented themselves.  Just remember that the insurance company is not your friend and is looking out for their company’s best interests – not yours!  They know how to manipulate injury victims into accepting a smaller settlement.  After all, these are “for-profit” companies that will do anything to safeguard their bottom line.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Okeechobee Personal Injury Lawyer?

At the Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group, we are dedicated to practicing personal injury law.  We help you navigate through the confusing insurance claims process and help you understand the many nuances of it. We know that it is uncharted territory for you and that is why we’ll be with you at every step.

For more information or to speak with an Okeechobee personal injury lawyer about your legal rights, call the Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group today at (863) 484-8481.

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