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Graves Thomas Halloween Safety Tips

Graves Thomas Halloween Safety Tips

Let’s get ready to sugar rush! Halloween is one day that many families enjoy and look forward to trick-or-treating each October. There’s nothing quite like getting creative with costumes and getting candy and goodies while showing off your special outfit. While a fun night of treats awaits, we have some practical safety tips to help ensure you stay injury-free and avoid scares lurking on Halloween.

1. Always remember to look both ways when crossing the street and try to avoid walking between parked cars.

2. Stay in groups and have a buddy to help stay safe while traversing the neighborhood.

3. Carry a flashlight with you and stay within areas well-lit by streetlamps if possible to ensure a safer time.

4. Younger children should always be accompanied by a parent or adult.

5. If driving through a neighborhood, drive slowly and be very alert. Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween. With increased foot-traffic drivers should use headlights to be more visible for trick-or-treaters.

6. Make sure that your child’s costume fits properly to avoid tripping. Avoid masks that obstruct vision or outfits that aren’t fire-resistant.

7. Add glow-in-the-dark accessories that can make your child visible in the dark, or wear reflective or bright colors to help allow for visibility.

8. Check all candy before allowing your child to eat it, especially to ensure there are no choking hazards. Make sure each piece is factory sealed and unopened – unfortunately , safety concerns with candy that has been tampered with are on the rise.

9. Be sure to check your local trick-or-treating times to make sure that you are out and home at an appropriate time.

10. Keep your property safe for trick-or-treaters. Thus, you should make sure your walkways are clear, your porch is well lit, and your decorations are don’t create fire hazards or trip visitors. You may want to put warning signs by uneven pavement, steps, or conditions that could threaten the well-being trick-or-treating… liability for property owners is a very real Halloween issue.


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